energ@tic -


1st issue

The French course can also be a good springboard for a collective eco-citizenship action : here is the one that has been led by the students of the Collège Sainte-Véronique about sustainable ennergy…

This pilot e-diary is carried out but the class 2I of the collège Sainte-Véronique.

This first issue gathers texts written by the students, by the teachers, by experts…. But you can also publish feature articles, the situation on the different challenges, hidden words, a contest, the letters to the editor, illustrations, useful advice...

Of course, articles written by other partners can also be published, that would promote contacts between all partners.

Using all you have read and learnt in the press about energy, please take action : it’s your turn to write informative, entertaining, and opinion articles as well as photos, humorous drawings…. in the e-diary.

2nd issue

For all those who think that the writing of informative, entertaining and opinion articles is to much work, there is an easier method : please write the headline, the introductory paragraph, the subheadings of a press article about energy.


By distributing to the students one article you will first have cut out the headline, the introductory paragraph and the subheadings.  Then by making the students read the content and by asking them to complete the missing parts.

You can even do the same with photos, drawings, advertising, strip cartoon plates… It is important that everyone understands well the characteristics of a headline (it must be short, accurate and well adapted to the content of the article), of an introductory paragraph (it completes the headline, makes a summary of the basic points of the article and resumes the main message) and of the subheadings (they make the text less compact, more lightened, they have to be short and incentive).