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At first, you have to delimit the area where you are going to take up the challenge.  

This area can be your classroom if it is properly equipped, a part of the school or a room with numerous electric devices.

The case of the computer is particularly interesting. Be sure that there is at least one computer in your inquiry area.

Use a Wattmeter and inquiry forms .

[ Proceeding ]

Proceeding :

  • work in small groups of 2 or 3 students ;
  • use a  wattmeter and inquiry forms ;
  • assign to each group a definite area to explore ;
  • make a list of electric devices in the observed area ;
  • measure the power of these electric devices in their different states and note the results on the form ;  
  • estimate the use duration for each state and note it on the form ;
  • calculate the electric consumption for each state ;  
  • set up the results of the inquiry in the different groups and pool them.  See the rubric « Inquiry results » ;
  • try to find solutions collectively in order to save energy and mostly to eliminate the hidden consumption. See the rubric « Action Plan ».


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