energ@tic -

On the 13th January 2010 a general overheating causes a power cut in whole Europe. The power stations are all out of use for a good while


From that situation on, the willing students can write the first episode of our interactive novel. It is a question of presenting a group of characters trapped by the power cut.

Each of the written stories will constitute a part of the novel and will be continued during the following months.

Once these texts will be online, it will be possible to write the second chapters (one by story). Il will be a question of explaining the characters’ reaction during the days following the power cut. A vote will allow the readers to choose the second chapter they will prefer amongst all those that will have been proposed for each of the starting stories. The authors of the best texts will be rewarded.

Finally, the most motivated ones will be invited to use the conclusions of the different energy challenges in the third and last chapter in which the heroes will find out sustainable solutions in order to produce and consume energy behaving responsibly. Once again, the best texts will be chosen thanks to a vote and their authors will be rewarded.