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Grey energy

The grey energy of a product is the quantity of energy required to produce, to pack up, to stock up, to transport, to eliminate or to recycle this product.

We speak also about the consumption of hidden energy because it is induced by the objects but we don’t see it necessarily. On average, this indirect consumption (grey or hidden consumption) represents 2/3 of the total energy we consume.

Life cycle of the paper :

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To reduce the consumption of the grey energy,
limit the consumption of paper and recycle it !

It is significant to understand that our daily consumption varies according to our choices, our habits and our uses. All our behaviours (vestimentary, alimentary or recreative behaviours) have an influence on the quantity of the grey energy we consume.

Consuming as a responsible person is paying attention to all these grey energy questions when we buy or use something. So let us buy “sustainable” products, renovate them if it’s possible, eat products from our country and in season, reduce the packaging …


«Grey energy» assessment

Each time I … I save … of CO2
Eat an apple from our country instead of an imported fruit 30g of CO2
I bring a jeans to the collection place 5kg of CO2
I bring 1 kilo of books to the collection place… 1,1 kg of CO2